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Shattered Horizon by AnimeFreak40K

As a rough sketch it's fine, but I think you could use more motion on the water. It seems a tad too blocky and stiff to really come off...


Sucello: Collaboration by N8Dogg5k
Sucello: Collaboration
This here is another original character of mine named Sucello. He is a grim reaper-esque fellow who exists in my story The Nexus as well. The awesome inks before you were the result of a collaboration with my great friend, and the ever amazing pro inker, Joe Silver! You can find his fantastic (and might I add totally professional in that the dude inks for the likes of DC comics) work over here:

As for the styling of this one, I decided to do something a bit more akin to my American comicbook roots. I'm a sucker for the likes of Ryan Ottley, old-school Todd McFarlane, George Perez, and many others. Seeing as Joe is an inker for a big league joint like DC comics, I decided to do something a bit more in line that sort of style. I'm rather fond of how the collab turned out, and I'm looking forward to working with him again on a few more pieces.   
Shred: Gift Art by N8Dogg5k
Shred: Gift Art
With the holidays right around the corner I did up this piece of the incredibly entertaining character Shred from Shouff44. Even though I'm a writer for Shonuff44 (in regards to the recent comic pages) I've always been a fan of Shonuff44's work, and for quite some time I've been sitting on the thought of doing fanart of his amazingly large and lovable cast. While Shred's design isn't as detailed as I've made him here, I did my best to maintain Shonuff44's (somewhat exaggerated) proportions.

Materials used were a .005 and a 0.1 Micron pen.   
Ari: Gift Art by N8Dogg5k
Ari: Gift Art
Seeing as how the holiday season is rolling into full swing, I decided to take it upon myself to do a nice little gift art for my good friend Crybringer. His absolutely gorgeous gorgon character Ari is one of my favorites from his story The Demon Mages, and I felt it necessary to do at least one good piece of her. I didn't take too many liberties with her design, and for good reason. While sketching up Ari I came to realize how solid her overall design actually was, and how changing that in any real way would've just ruined what Crybringer already perfected. 

Anywho, I hope everyone else likes that bad boy as much as I enjoyed concocting it. 

Materials used were a .005, 0.1, and Brush Micron pen, as well as a C1, C3, and C5 Copic marker. 
Mary-Gold Tauros: Model Sheet by N8Dogg5k
Mary-Gold Tauros: Model Sheet
This here is Mary-Gold Tauros, an original character of mine that I've been sitting on for quite some time now. Her origins go all the way back to 2004 when I concocted an adult oriented story called Bast Katt Inc. (the same one that my character Bast is from) that never really came to fruition. Over the course of time I've come back to the story and I'm looking to hopefully get it done at some point in the near future. Currently she is sitting comfortably as an NPC in a Maid RPG I'm GMing. I've been using the game as a means to grow some of my back-burner characters as it were recently and in turn I've undergone a spell of inspiration. The first to get model sheet treatment was(of course) Mary-Gold, and I've gotta say that I had a good deal of fun designing this!

For the record, the reason she is in a string bikini in the body shot goes beyond the obvious ones. It's mostly because I wanted to show what her physique is like. Most stereotypical busty girls depicted in fiction rarely have any paunch to them (usually they have some kind of ridiculously svelte stomach that could never work with that sort of chest) so I wanted to make her a little more soft around the mid-section. She also has much wider hips than most girls, and I did it to balance out her frame. I think it turned out well, but that's just me. While some could consider her features to be unattractive, I feel it makes things a little more comparable to her large bosom.

Besides! If anything else, there's simply more of her to love now!

In the original story she was the new recruit to Bast Katt Inc. (a supernatural adult entertainment corporation) and had to prove herself to her superiors (such as Bast herself) that she had what it took to make it in the business. She's a playful one at heart, but she is usually the voice of reason and responsibility when it comes to her friends and co-workers. While she isn't exactly bashful, she is self-conscious about her body and tends to get a little bashful when putting herself on display.

Materials used for this piece was a Bic ball-point pen and nothing else.  
Morz by N8Dogg5k
Here is another original character of mine! She too is from my story The Nexus, and her name is Morz. The influences going into her overall design are quite numerous (if I were to get into the minutia) but I would say none were more impacting than Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy 7) Strider Hiryu (Strider) and Sara Pezzini (Witchblade). Morz plays a fairly large role in the story, but I won't spoil any of the details as to what that role is, why it's important, or how it fits into the grand scheme just yet. I will say though that she is one of my favorite characters that I think I've ever created. Originally she was just going to have a bit part in the overall narrative of The Nexus, but over time her role expanded, and she became one of the most interesting characters out of the entire cast. After seeing the character Kuvira (The Legend of Korra) striking a similarly badass pose, I felt compelled to do something a little more dynamic for the gallery here, and who better to do that with than one of my favorite OC's! I can only hope that you all like this piece as much as I enjoyed making it!

Materials used for this piece was a .005, a .01, and a Brush Micron pen for all of the inks. The grey tones were done up with a C3, a C5, and a N4 Copic Marker. All done on a 9 x 12 in. Bristol Board.     


Nathanial Barlow
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an aspiring freelance artist and writer, self taught on much of my creative skills with only a few exceptions. I like to indulge in all things geek whenever I can. From movies, to games, to comics, I enjoy all facets of nerd media culture.
Sometimes we all have that moment where we feel like we just dodged a bullet or had a near brush with the grimmest of reapers. For me that moment was this past Friday, when I had to be rushed into an emergency surgery to have my appendix removed. Turns out that this particular piece of my body no longer felt like taking orders and decided to go all suicide-bomber on my abdomen. Thankfully I caught it before the little bugger could blow, but that didn't make the situation any less scary or painful.

All joking aside, the serious turn of this situation was that I didn't think anything of it when the pain initially began. I saw the pain I was experiencing as nothing more than a fairly bad stomach ache I was having for whatever reason. I didn't think for a moment that something like appendicitis could or would ever happen to me, but it did, and I'm glad that I caught it early. All of this occurred while I was on the job too, and it was because of my co-workers that I actually sought medical attention. To Rick, Rebecca, and June, if you guys hadn't yelled at me like you did, the world might be short one Nathan. To everyone else I strongly implore you to seek the same attention if you have any severe abdomen pains as well. This is serious stuff that can/will kill you if left unchecked. 

For those who don't know, I work in the medical field (particularly in the Emergency Room) and see stuff like what I went through all the time. After doing this sort of work for over a decade I feel like I can honestly say that you become slightly numb to everything around you and it just becomes another thing to deal with while on the clock. Having had the roles reversed on me, I'm glad to see that the individuals I work with are very professional and extremely courteous. The doctor who saw to my care while in the E.R. told me "We take care of our own here dude!" which helped put a lot of my niggling fears to rest. I want to take this moment to thank all of the staff who administered care to me during my time of crisis. I know I may not have come off as scared or in pain, but believe me when I say I was definitely feeling both.   

As of this moment I am well and taking the necessary time to recover. The procedure went accordingly, with no real complications to speak of, except for me apparently waking up briefly when I was supposed to be under heavy anesthesia. This marks the first time that I've ever had to go under the knife for something, and I do have to say that it does alter one's perceptions a little bit. I have a new found appreciation for the staff we have at my hospital, and I certainly have a better appreciation of my friends and family. The outpouring of support from everyone has been truly touching, and it warms the cockles of my heart to know that I have so many people who care about me, despite the somewhat caustic and abrasive aspects of my personality.

Thank you to everyone who came to see me, gave me a phone call, or simply kept me in their thoughts. I will be back, and I want you all to keep moving forward. Don't worry about me anymore. I'm a tough old dog, and most importantly, I can catch up!

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