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Shattered Horizon by AnimeFreak40K

As a rough sketch it's fine, but I think you could use more motion on the water. It seems a tad too blocky and stiff to really come off...


Commission: Shion Nys (Colored- Markers) by N8Dogg5k
Commission: Shion Nys (Colored- Markers)
Here is the colored version of the Shion Nys commission. I used a combination of Prismacolor and Copic markers to create this one and I'm fairly fond of how it came out. The hair is my favorite part as it was where I had the most fun coloring it. I also like how the eyes came out, as I have four different colors in there to help give her a somewhat piercing gaze. The character is supposed to be a badass esper in the Kazei 5 setting and I feel a good way to make that reflect is in giving the character a unique eye color and penetrating stare.

I was actually asked as to what my aim for the piece was, and it goes as such: The character goes by the title of "The Empress: Shion Nys" and I thought it would be kind of cool to have her in sort of a portrait-esque image where she posed for it, so that it could be hung on the wall of her mansion... Or something to that effect. With the markers I have there is but only so much I can do, but thankfully Mr. Surbrook seems to like the piece immensely!

I still have the digital colors version to do, so I guess we'll see where that one goes soon enough. I might add a background, who knows...
Commission: Shion Nys (Grey Scale) by N8Dogg5k
Commission: Shion Nys (Grey Scale)
Here is a grey scale version of the Shion Nys piece I did a few days ago. I accidentally scanned the image in grey and I actually liked the way it came out. It kind of gives off a very 80's anime sort of vibe which is just fine by me! Hope you all like it too!
Commission: Shion Nys by N8Dogg5k
Commission: Shion Nys
This is a commission of the pretty awesome character Shion Nys from the Hero System RPG Kazei 5. The author of the game, Mike Surbrook, is a good friend of mine and I promised this image to him a little while ago. I can only hope that he likes it. I took some liberties with her original design, but overall I think it turned out pretty cool. The setting she's from is a cyberpunk world not too unlike those created by Masamune Shirow, so I tried to channel some of his ideas into the piece. I found myself researching different types of real-world corded muscles suits and power armor concepts to make something that looked both futuristic, but also believable. Mike is also a huge fan of manga artist Kia Asamiya, so I tried to invoke some of Mr. Asamiya's older iconic stylings (such as his work on Silent Mobius) as well. The end result is kind of funny to me as she sort of resembles a female Darth Vader to an extent. I'll be doing colored versions of this piece soon, both in markers and in digital, just to see which I like best. 

Materials used were a 0.7 Draftmatic Pencil with Pentel Blue Lead on 9 x 12 in. Bristol Board paper. Inks were done with Micron pens .005, 0.1, and a brush pen. 
Otakon Commission: Final Fantasy 14 Summoner by N8Dogg5k
Otakon Commission: Final Fantasy 14 Summoner
Here is another Otakon Commission. Since the gentleman who requested it was so patient (in regards to waiting for it) I decided to do it up in inks. I'm rather fond of how the hair came out. Honestly, this is one of the cutest pieces I've undertaken in a while and I couldn't be happier for doing it!

Sadly I don't seem to have the patron's contact information available, so if you're reading this right now, this is for you my friend!

Materials used were a 0.7 Draftmatic Pencil with Pentel Blue Lead on 9 x 12 in. Bristol Board paper. Inks were done with Micron pens .005, 0.1, and 0.2. 
Otakon Commission: Final Fantasy 14 PvP Bard by N8Dogg5k
Otakon Commission: Final Fantasy 14 PvP Bard
This was the first official commission of Otakon. The gentleman who requested it sadly couldn't be around for the entirety of the con, so I pushed myself to get this one done as quick as I could. It's only now in hindsight that my scientific mind realizes you don't melt things down to ash, you burn them... Regardless, I did enjoy working on this piece, and the patron liked it so much that he said he wanted to frame it and put it on his wall.

Materials used was 9 x 12 in. Bristol board, a 0.7 Draftmatic Pencil, and Pentel Blue Lead.


Nathanial Barlow
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I am an aspiring freelance artist and writer, self taught on much of my creative skills with only a few exceptions. I like to indulge in all things geek whenever I can. From movies, to games, to comics, I enjoy all facets of nerd media culture.
Greetings DA faithful, it is I once again! I'm back here to announce that I have managed to successfully turn 29 today, and am looking to do a bit of celebrating right here on Deviantart in the days to come. I know that I haven't been a very good artist lately (seeing as how I haven't really been posting anything here since November) but that is all about to change. Starting today I am going to make it a point to post more content for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to everyone who's been patient with me, as well as stuck around as a friend or follower. It is you guys who give me the much needed mojo to carry me through on stuff like this. 

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